Meeting community and voluntary groups, charities and third sector organisations and the business community is an important role for the Lord-Lieutenant. 

When the Lord-Lieutenant attends an official event or function at your organisation or business, there are a few things you should be familiar with. Unless members of the Royal Family are present, as The King’s representative for Merseyside the Lord-Lieutenant will take precedence over every other guest or attendee. This means that the Lord-Lieutenant should be the last person to arrive at a function and must be met on arrival and looked after throughout his attendance.

In the absence of the Lord-Lieutenant, the Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant can be asked to represent him on official engagements and be accorded the same level of protocol as the Lord-Lieutenant.

The Lord-Lieutenant will wear uniform for formal functions.

Correct forms of Address:

The correct forms of address for The Lord-Lieutenant is:

In writing: Mr Mark Blundell, Lord-Lieutenant of Merseyside

Saluation: ‘Dear Lord-Lieutenant’ or ‘Dear Mr Blundell’

Address/speech: “Lord-Lieutenant”

On being introduced: “Lord-Lieutenant” or “Mr Blundell”

It is important to be aware of the protocol and precedence in relation to the Lord-Lieutenant and the Lieutenancy Office staff will always help if you have any queries.